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Trundle transforming where children sleep. We collaborate with kids and their caretakers to create safe, inspiring spaces where they can dream.  Combining creativity, a small budget and teamwork, we make visible progress, quickly. Children learn that they don't have to settle for things as they are. Simply applying a fresh coat of paint, they prove to themselves that they can begin to change the walls and world in which they live. Co-founded by Maris Garcia and Kristen Zelenka.

The Experience

In the 8 weeks leading up to the weekend build, we will design your new space together.

Our process includes 3 phases: 


We'll will meet in person, get to know each other and determine if we're a match! 


Activities Week 1-2

  • Apply to trundle through the website form
  • Participate in a phone interview to tell us about you, your passions and your style
  • Begin collecting images of inspiring colors, patterns, furniture pieces and layouts


We'll share inspiration, brainstorm new design ideas and make a plan. 


Activities Weeks 3-6

  • Meet in person at your home where you can show us your space and help us take measurements of it
  • Share different design directions
  • Use images, markers, and miniature model furniture to co-create new design possibilities
  • Refine and finalize the design
Screen Shot 2014-04-30 at 11.41.32 AM.png


We'll roll up our sleeves to transform your space together in one weekend. 


Activities Weeks 6-8

  • Collect and purchase all items necessary from paint to pillowcases
  • Prepare the space for a makeover 
  • Move furniture, build furniture, paint, do an art project...
  • Dedicate the room when we're done!


Sharing Trundle:
We believe that the impact of Trundle can spread beyond the families we connect with here in Chicago. That's why we share each Trundle transformation in 3 ways:

  1. We post photos, plans and pricing explaining how we changed each space so you can do it too.
  2. Trundle participants report back to us 3 months after their sleeping area is transformed. We see what life is like in their new space and how they've customized it since we left!
  3. A unique poster is designed by an artist for the occupants of each space that is transformed. Limited edition prints will be sold on this site so you can bring a piece of the Trundle experience to your own space.